Reflections on Life

Why I Meditate

When I started a Bachelors degree, I was entering into a pretty new, scary, and somewhat stressful time of life. I was facing some longstanding fears about making friends and interacting with people. I struggled with low self confidence in my youth. I was learning about environmental issues and trying to reconcile this new knowledge with… Continue reading Why I Meditate

Short Stories

The Creative Dragonfly: Water and Its People

The warm fall sun dazzles my wings as I hover and swoop over the Valley. The wind rustles the tall willow trees and beaming children play among bright orange pumpkins. I follow a whoosh of air over the main road and find a small frog pond with lily pads. I bask in the sun on… Continue reading The Creative Dragonfly: Water and Its People

Reflections on Life

Entering Back Into the Fray

About a year ago, I was just finishing a contract with an environmental non-profit organisation and was living a busy life. Most days I was working full-time from 9 to 5, driving 1.5 hours for work, and arriving at home to cook, perhaps calling family, exercising, and vegetating in front of a screen. I was… Continue reading Entering Back Into the Fray