Angry At Injustice

White fangs glisten in the darkness of my mind
Angry at injustice and the blindness of mankind
Screaming heads
Dance of death
Fury of all time.

I look for quietness but the door is barred by hate
I eat my fill of love and greed but I cannot satiate
Turn the clock
Stomp the fire
My child retaliates.

Finger points out at the world but the world points back at me
Troubled vision is to blame and causes my slurred speech
Slumping down
Painful frown
Tears flow down the creek.

Noble steed gallops on ahead of me just out of reach
The earth quakes and cracks below as I try to find my feet
Quiet breeze
Lake of peace
It all was just a dream.

Burning embers cool down in the calm depths of my heart
Yin and yang draw close together as before they drew apart
Healing grace
Warm embrace
Light and Love quickly dispel the shadows of the dark.


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