Oars sink into the sand

My boat tosses in the waves

I walk along the outskirts of this new found dreary place.


Hands rake through the pebbles

Turning pieces of my mind

I search the horizon for a hopeful beacon of light.


Darkness brews

Tears flow through

But I can’t imagine why

It’s as if our God has put me here until I learn to fly.


Sea gulls soar over head

Shadows lead me through a haze

I bend down to make a fire that can warm my hands and face.


Smoke curls into strange shapes

Weaving baskets from memories

I collect the tiny treasures then I toss them to the sea.


Wild cackle

Free of care

Dancing alone until I see

I dive deep with abandon and discover I am free.


7 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. Lost is everything if we decide it
    we’re the ones that hold the power
    things around us can get nasty
    and worse with every passing hour
    remember that you are not alone
    no matter if things get too sour
    learn to win using your empathy
    cause that humanity’s superpower.


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