I Desire

I desire love's touch
swimming in the sea.
I desire fabled riches
buried out of reach.

I will build a boat
so that I can sail across the sea.
I will dig a hole
until I dig too deep.

Life in search of these things
feels purposeful and grand,
yet the peacefulness I seek
seems to dodge my every plan.

If I catch the bird,
I cannot also keep its trust.
If I cling to love,
it will surely turn to lust.

What I desire most
is a life of joy and peace,
in harmony with others,
and in line with truthful ease.

I will give up my desires
and throw them to the sea.
I will let go of my ideas
and trade them in for free.

I will turn to the only One
who knows what is best for all.
I will let Great Spirit show me
how I can lose then win it all.

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