Welcome to my little corner of the universe!

Like you, I have been searching for ways through the struggle of human life. I have been yearning with all my soul for healing from the pain of social anxiety, irrational fears, depression, unexplained sadness, and feelings of being “the other”.

I have been witnessing the devastating effects of human greed and capitalism on our environment- our forests, wildlife, rivers, oceans, and climate. I have been wanting to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of Western Society’s cultural norm of individualism on our sense of self and on the social fabric of our communities. I have been aching to make a positive difference in the world while not knowing how.

I realised that I first had to help myself in order to be able to help people let alone the planet. I had to get to the bottom of why I was feeling so down and find out why I was being torn apart inside by fear.

During my quest for holistic healing, I have been reading many self help books, journaling, meditating, studying Buddhist teachings, travelling and experiencing different cultures, spending time in nature, going on retreats, taking breaks from electronic devices, seeing a life coach, and practicing yoga. I have experimented with indigenous shaman-led journeying, counselling, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, Qi-gong, tarot card reading…the list goes on!

I feel like I have been slowly piecing together my broken self and reclaiming all of the parts of me that have been neglected. I have been discovering amazing truths along the way! I have learned lessons from each healing method and together they have given me strength for this journey. Many people have been helping me along the way and I am so grateful for their assistance. No one can walk this difficult path alone!

Truth is multi-sided and everyone will discover different truths along their paths at a time that is right for them. Last year, I discovered the existence of God/Great Spirit/the Creator and the power of Faith to heal. You can read more about this experience here. I know God is real like I know the earth is round. There is nothing like direct experience as a teacher! My healing- the ability to love myself and others, sense of generosity, relief from stress, and improvement of physical ailments- has been flourishing ever since I discovered God. God is so good, He is the source of life, Truth, and love.

I feel compelled to share with you what I am learning with the hope that you will find something useful, even if it is just a window into another way of looking at the world. I am continuing to discover new truths about my experience and so this blog will also be my practicing ground for expressing and integrating what I am learning.

Please keep in mind that this blog is written from personal experience and is not informed by traditional academic training in psychology, sociology, or other related disciplines. I have a Bachelors in Environmental Science and a Masters, however that training is not so relevant here! There are infinite valid paths in life towards the source of Truth. No one knows what is best for us except ourselves, our inner Divine Light…and sometimes our trusted experts.

If I could sum up my biggest lesson learned thus far in this lifetime:

“Look for the Truth and Joy in Life. Truth sets you free. Joy lifts you up on your journey.”

May you find much peace on your journey!

XO May Hart*


Why “The Creative Dragonfly”?

I had an intimate experience with a dragonfly once when I was researching dragonflies. I had to kill my first adult dragonfly and I felt hugely remorseful, I even cried! I was much more emotional than one would expect given its size and insect-ness. I quickly became disenchanted with the reductionist approach of science, where living creatures become numbers in a study. From that moment on, I made a promise to myself that I would make a tribute to the dragonflies. At first I thought it would be a tattoo. I ended up abandoning that idea and instead integrated it into this blog title.

Dragonflies are amazing creatures! They can change direction in the air so quickly. They attack flies in mid air! They also start off as waterborne creatures and magically turn into airborne creatures. They have learned to live in two completely different worlds.

“The Creative Dragonfly” blog started off as a way to share lessons about the connection between humans and nature through creative writing, but it has been slowly and steadily evolving as my view on the world changes…

Now, “the Creative Dragonfly” represents the idea that we are each on a journey of transformation from birth to death, from suffering to healing. Creativity is a Divine gift that helps us to deepen our understanding of the world and overcome complex challenges. Writing is my chosen expression of creativity. I write poetry, articles, and short stories to explore and gain insight into the nature of inner and outer healing/transformation.

*How do you solve problems and find solutions?

*What changes are you seeking?

Other questions that I seek answers to:

*What is the purpose of our life on earth?

*How can we move beyond human suffering and into eternal Peace?

*How can we be a positive influence in the shifting tides of change in our society?

Feel free to share your personal reflections in the comments or send me a message! And if you want to subscribe to the blog and keep up to date on my latest wonderings that would be cool.