Forgiving Nature’s Keeper

Mother grew a garden,it met our every need.She tended it with careand gave to us the key. We skipped and jumped,Eyes wide with glee.We gazed with aweat her beauty. We gobbled her fruitand drank from her spring.We sat by her brook,though it got boring. We plucked her branchesleaf by leaf.We dug up her groundfor more bounty. Little fingers terrorizedbeasts… Continue reading Forgiving Nature’s Keeper

Reflections on Humanity

How can we cultivate hope?

There are many good reasons to be concerned for humanity these days. Runaway climate change, impending WWIII, and the (possible but unlikely) Zombie Apocalypse just to name a few. We don't have to look far for the signs. For example, wildfires are blazing like never seen before in Australia. The U.S. recently ordered the assassination… Continue reading How can we cultivate hope?

Short Stories

SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

I slowly backed away and headed hurriedly down the hallway towards the staircase. My new companion chided ¬®Ahar Matey! Ahar Matey!¬® My head buzzed with the new information as I opened the door and stumbled into the shoulder of my most esteemed friend...(from previous article). "June!" I exclaimed. My friend recovered from the stumble and… Continue reading SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

Short Stories

SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 2)

  Curiosity was getting the better of me and since I knew the staff wouldn't answer my questions, I began to wander the SS Heroes after breakfast. I looked for signs of anything that would lead me to some clues...(from the previous article). I started off down the main hallway back towards the dormitories, which… Continue reading SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 2)

Short Stories

SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 1)

It was a regular day aboard the SS Heroes luxury liner. SS Heroes was the fastest vessel of its kind and every day it seemed to go faster and faster. It had been travelling on this aimless course for decades. It had an enormous capacity of one million passengers. Days seamlessly blurred into nights in… Continue reading SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 1)