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12 Ideas for Reducing Stress During Social Isolation

We are facing extraordinary and uncertain times as human beings. The Corona Storm, or coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, is history in the making. It has triggered our collective fear of death which is causing a ripple effect of behavioral changes, leading to the mass cancellation of events and closure of businesses. There is much talk about… Continue reading 12 Ideas for Reducing Stress During Social Isolation

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Daring to be DIFFERENT

Why is it so common for us to be encouraged either directly or in very subtle ways to fit in with our peers? We can be made to feel bad for standing out in a crowd, whether it is how our bodies look, how we dress, or what we believe. We can also feel uncomfortable… Continue reading Daring to be DIFFERENT



Oars sink into the sand My boat tosses in the waves I walk along the outskirts of this new found dreary place.   Hands rake through the pebbles Turning pieces of my mind I search the horizon for a hopeful beacon of light.   Darkness brews Tears flow through But I can't imagine why It's… Continue reading Lost

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SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

I slowly backed away and headed hurriedly down the hallway towards the staircase. My new companion chided ¨Ahar Matey! Ahar Matey!¨ My head buzzed with the new information as I opened the door and stumbled into the shoulder of my most esteemed friend...(from previous article). "June!" I exclaimed. My friend recovered from the stumble and… Continue reading SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

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Can we be both independent and dependent?

Many people growing up in Western Society (and increasingly in other societies as well) attend school with the message that you can do or be whatever you want to be in the World. Sometimes this message is accompanied by strong suggestions of what you should do by your parents, as they try their best to… Continue reading Can we be both independent and dependent?

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Why I Meditate

When I started a Bachelors degree, I was entering into a pretty new, scary, and somewhat stressful time of life. I was facing some longstanding fears about making friends and interacting with people. I struggled with low self confidence in my youth. I was learning about environmental issues and trying to reconcile this new knowledge with… Continue reading Why I Meditate

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Entering Back Into the Fray

About a year ago, I was just finishing a contract with an environmental non-profit organisation and was living a busy life. Most days I was working full-time from 9 to 5, driving 1.5 hours for work, and arriving at home to cook, perhaps calling family, exercising, and vegetating in front of a screen. I was… Continue reading Entering Back Into the Fray

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The Creative Dragonfly: Science and Self

A dark shadow casts coolness over my stone and before I know what is happening I have been caught. I hear a voice now, not from inside of me, but the loud voice of an air world creature. A towering human with long brown hair, covered head to toe with cloth, and a hat reading Kejimkujik Researcher, has now encased me in a white netting.