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Daring to be DIFFERENT

Why is it so common for us to be encouraged either directly or in very subtle ways to fit in with our peers? We can be made to feel bad for standing out in a crowd, whether it is how our bodies look, how we dress, or what we believe. We can also feel uncomfortable… Continue reading Daring to be DIFFERENT

Reflections on Humanity

How can we cultivate hope?

There are many good reasons to be concerned for humanity these days. Runaway climate change, impending WWIII, and the (possible but unlikely) Zombie Apocalypse just to name a few. We don't have to look far for the signs. For example, wildfires are blazing like never seen before in Australia. The U.S. recently ordered the assassination… Continue reading How can we cultivate hope?


Angry At Injustice

White fangs glisten in the darkness of my mindAngry at injustice and the blindness of mankindScreaming headsDance of deathFury of all time.I look for quietness but the door is barred by hateI eat my fill of love and greed but I cannot satiateTurn the clockStomp the fireMy child retaliates.Finger points out at the world but… Continue reading Angry At Injustice