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Following the Heart and Finding God

There are many clichés about the heart that we use day to day. "Follow your heart", "listen to your heart", "stay true to your heart"... but what if these are not just clichés. What if we take them literally and they reveal a world of magic beyond our wildest imaginings? About five years ago, I… Continue reading Following the Heart and Finding God

Short Stories

SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

I slowly backed away and headed hurriedly down the hallway towards the staircase. My new companion chided ¨Ahar Matey! Ahar Matey!¨ My head buzzed with the new information as I opened the door and stumbled into the shoulder of my most esteemed friend...(from previous article). "June!" I exclaimed. My friend recovered from the stumble and… Continue reading SS Heroes: A Human Odyssey (Part 3)

Short Stories

SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 2)

  Curiosity was getting the better of me and since I knew the staff wouldn't answer my questions, I began to wander the SS Heroes after breakfast. I looked for signs of anything that would lead me to some clues...(from the previous article). I started off down the main hallway back towards the dormitories, which… Continue reading SS Heroes- A Human Odyssey (Part 2)

Reflections on Life

Why I Meditate

When I started a Bachelors degree, I was entering into a pretty new, scary, and somewhat stressful time of life. I was facing some longstanding fears about making friends and interacting with people. I struggled with low self confidence in my youth. I was learning about environmental issues and trying to reconcile this new knowledge with… Continue reading Why I Meditate

Short Stories

The Creative Dragonfly: Water and Its People

The warm fall sun dazzles my wings as I hover and swoop over the Valley. The wind rustles the tall willow trees and beaming children play among bright orange pumpkins. I follow a whoosh of air over the main road and find a small frog pond with lily pads. I bask in the sun on… Continue reading The Creative Dragonfly: Water and Its People

Short Stories

The Creative Dragonfly: Science and Self

A dark shadow casts coolness over my stone and before I know what is happening I have been caught. I hear a voice now, not from inside of me, but the loud voice of an air world creature. A towering human with long brown hair, covered head to toe with cloth, and a hat reading Kejimkujik Researcher, has now encased me in a white netting.